So, you need a new film?

Great! We'll guide you expertly though the whole process from the initial idea to the finished product. True, our video productions look the business, but crucially, we promise to put our creative heads together and come up with a film that gets your message across in the best possible way.

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Consultation and concept

You need to stand out, so we think outside of the box.


You want to inspire your audience? Not a problem!

Explainer videos

Complex content, explained in 2 minutes time!

Social Media

You have this feeling you should be posting video on Instagram?

"We opted for Studio Flox because their films stand head and shoulders above the vast majority of explanatory films you otherwise see. We were looking for an innovative solution that would appeal to our employees around the world and explain the project in an entertaining way."

Dr. Angelina Hartnagel - Dürr AG

From a fuzzy idea in your head to a professionally produced film

Young, dynamic and hand-made - our films are lovingly and intelligently produced. We'll take your rough idea and - in close cooperation with you - turn it into a film that well and truly hits the mark:

At the concept stage we simplify the complex and visualise the benefit to you, the client. We develop an attractive film idea and you provide the storyboard, with images, voice-over text and a description of each shot. Once this is done, you’ve got your film – at least on paper. We don’t move on until you’re fully satisfied.

Now it’s time to prepare everything that people will later see in the film – and all the things they won’t see, but are still necessary. Where will you find us? We’ll be in our workshop. We cut, glue, saw and build all the props and the film set ourselves. We also get other key people on board, like voice-over experts and sound designers. However, up to this point, nothing is set in stone. Before the cameras start rolling, you get to look over every element of your film. Happy? Then, ACTION!

We’ve got everything needed for a professional video shoot. The sets are built, lit and then animated frame-by-frame, by hand. Before each new set-up, the director, camera operator and animator agree on the frame content, movement and lighting. A shoot usually lasts one to three days. Larger projects can take longer. We own our own camera, lighting and grip equipment. Our stop-motion software of choice is Dragonframe.

Here, all the elements, such as video, voice-over and sound, come together for the first time. We use our computers to edit, retouch and animate. We also create visual effects (VFX), typography, motion and sound, just the way you want it. All that’s left is to say “encoding, delivery and archiving,” as fast as you can and there you have it: your very own film! And now: PLAY.

What’s in it for you with Studio Flox?

A film isn’t just a film, but ultimately always the solution to a communication problem. Complex content is reduced down to a core message and communicated through a story that can be experienced on a personal level. Here’s how it turned out for Dürr AG.

We handle the concept, implementation and production. That way nothing important gets lost, because we always know what we need, from whom, by what time. We’re a lean operation but can get other creative minds on board when necessary. This helps us to keep our fixed costs down, while always being able to offer you the best possible service.

Every single film we make is one of a kind. Especially for you. Because your communication goals will determine the storytelling approach and look of the film. Try something different from bog-standard 2D animation and illustrations. Give us a shot – because unusual production techniques get noticed. See for yourself. 

All our props are made in our very own workshop. They create that sense of tangibility which all our films have in common. This realness lends your message added authenticity and credibility. Honestly! Check out this making-of video.

The benefit of this quirky medium is that, even to the untrained eye, our films are a labour of love; noticeably hand-crafted, with meticulous attention to detail and a high regard for quality - which automatically reflects on your brand. Our films surprise and impress viewers. Even complex information can be transported in an entertaining way, with plenty of humour and tongue planted firmly in cheek. Check this out in our film for Festool.

Satisfied Studio Flox clients

We love film because it’s ideal – for your website, social media channels, TV or cinema advertising, events, presentations, internal communication, sales or for your pocket (mobile content). We also love great teamwork with our clients.

And what would your film look like?

Why not simply find out for yourself? In a non-binding preliminary conversation we’ll discuss your goals, the creative process, the expected costs, the timeline etc. Arrange a meeting! or give us a call

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