So, you need a new film?

Great! We'll guide you expertly though the whole process from the initial idea to the finished product. True, our video productions look the business, but crucially, we promise to put our creative heads together and come up with a film that gets your message across in the best possible way.

Sound good? Get in touch!



Consultation and concept

You need to stand out, so we think outside of the box.


You want to inspire your audience? Not a problem!

Explainer videos

Complex content, explained in 2 minutes time!

Social Media

You have this feeling you should be posting video on Instagram?

"The feedback was very positive! The film explains the project in a clear and concise way. The look and atmosphere of the film also fitted us perfectly."

Tom Lupo from ARTHELPS

Satisfied Studio Flox clients

We love film because it’s ideal – for your website, social media channels, TV or cinema advertising, events, presentations, internal communication, sales or for your pocket (mobile content). We also love great teamwork with our clients.

And what would your film look like?

Why not simply find out for yourself? In a non-binding preliminary conversation we’ll discuss your goals, the creative process, the expected costs, the timeline etc. Arrange a meeting! or give us a call

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