It's just an idea, until it grows!

An idea has the power to change the world. It takes us on a journey into space and back.

Our task: let it fly!

Grow is HEIMAT for radical ideas. An open space to think differently and generate innovation. A space generating ideas, which will change the world. Pulsmacher approached us to transform this claim into a perceptible experience. Let’s celebrate the power of great ideas!

Our solution: an empty sheet of paper


Every idea starts on an empty sheet of paper. It is made from imagination and courage and only exists as long as someone believes in it. But then it can achieve almost anything: it can drive, fly and wirelessly transmit data, but ultimately: it can truly change the world!

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  • Client: BOSCH grow
  • Agency: Pulsmacher
  • Creative Director (agency): Thorsten Weh
  • Production company: Studio Flox
  • Written by: Florian Haßler & Maximilian Zenk
  • Directed: Florian Haßler
  • Voice talent: Darrell Brown
  • Producer: Annette Schneider
  • Production assistant: Sabrina Fink
  • Papercraft objects: Vera Van Wolferen
  • Stop-motion-animation: Alice Reily De Souza
  • Rigging: Tobias Bosch & Maximilian Zenk
  • Music & sound-design: Markus Götze
  • Editor: Hartmut Ulmer
  • Set design: Ina Küfner

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