Yummy cheese

Say cheeeese!

What goes into the production of a Cheestring, And how does the fun get into it? Our papercraft film shows how all that works out.

All natural

It's all about natural ingredients and a natural production process. How to show this better than with a papercraft film. Even the liquid animation of the milk is animated strictly with paper. And if you have a minute, take a look at the making-of, it's tasty too!


Client: Kerry
Lead agency: Rocket X
Agency: Bär Tiger Wolf
Production company: Studio Flox

A Studio Flox film.

  • (Co)written & directed by: Maximilian Zenk
  • Papercraft and setdesign: Nica Herrmann, Emily Apfel
  • 2D Design: Denis Holzmüller
  • Stop Motion: Nica Herrmann
  • Handmodel: Marina Zharova
  • Sounddesign: Markus Götze
  • Music: Gerd Böttler
  • VFX: Florian Stanger
  • Making-Of: Emily Apfel

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