Every Shirt Matters

This is a true story

A tiny paperboat named Short is setting sail. He has to cross the ocean, sails right through his own fears and finally reaches the pitch black heart of darkness. 

Our task: look closely

Thousands of people die in the Mediterranean Sea each and every year, but our attention has long moved on. Where governments fail to address these problems, NGOs step into the breach and save people from drowning. NGOs like Jugend Rettet, a group of young people, who run their own ship, the Iuventa, or Humany Tee, the t-shirt label, that gives 80% of its profits to Jugend Rettet.

Our solution: a short story

Viewers are taken on an imaginative trip into a world made of paper. At first glance, things are light and easy, but soon drift into something dark and distressing. By this we tear down our protective shields so viewers can't help but look closely.

Goal achieved: awareness

A permanent solution can only be achieved on a political level, but until then, everybody can help. By paying attention, building pressure on politicians and even simpler: by purchasing a shirt.


You can download our press kit here!






Still Frames

A Studio Flox Film.

  • Client: Humany Tee in cooperation with Jugend Rettet e.V.
  • Written by: Maximilian Zenk, Fabian Vetter
  • Directed by: Maximilian Zenk, Florian Haßler
  • Producer: Annette Schneider
  • Voice talent: Rosie Burton
  • Recording: Jo Heideger, Hans-Peter Schumacher, einszwostudio
  • Art direction: Maximilian Zenk, Florian Haßler
  • DP: Florian Haßler
  • Papercraft & Set-Design: Nica Herrmann
  • Stopmotion-animation: Maximilian Zenk, Florian Haßler
  • Rigging: Maximilian Zenk
  • Editor: Tobias Bosch
  • VFX & Compositing: Hartmut Ulmer
  • Modelling: Jens Pschierer
  • Lead-Motiondesign: Florian Stanger
  • Motiondesign: Marc Böttler, Gerd Böttler
  • Color Grading: Peter Hacker
  • Music: Markus Götze
  • Sounddesign: Jo Heideger, einszwostudio
  • Press kit: Denis Holzmüller
  • Set-photography: Eduardo Padilla Bruges

Special thanks to: Marius Müller, Andreas Tesch, Benni Mack

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