Festool "PowerSelect"

Simply select. Simply combine. Simply excellent.

Cordless operation is less hassle, absolutely. But what about the other benefits? Our film “PowerSelect” is a short and punchy introduction to the features of the Festool cordless system.

The task: One cordless tool for any job.

After our initial collaboration on the “Dust Free” project, Festool contacted us again to commission a commercial for their cordless system “PowerSelect”. Festool have designed a tool that is simple to use, without compromising on the power customers rely on Festool for. This was exactly how the film should come across, as well as blending in visually with their on-going campaign.

The solution: Simply powerful.

We focused on one key image: a battery pack slotting into place. The tools’ movement is choreographed to a powerful, rhythmic beat that drives the film forward. Not lazily, though, but with precise, energetic movements. Punchy. No distractions. Stop motion redefined!

Job done: Simply excellent.

The commercial is now being shown in 13 countries around the world as part of a globally coordinated marketing campaign. 

"Stop motion films give you the opportunity to convey even complex ideas in a fast, compelling and surprising way. The painstaking and enthusiastic approach to filmmaking displayed by the team from Studio Flox is breathtaking and delivers unbelievable results.”

Rolf Herzog, Head of Product Communication at Festool


  • The wooden floor in our studio covered an area of exactly 16 square metres.
  • All tools except one were able to stand up on their own.
  • The flying battery pack was an empty dummy (every gram counted to ensure the rigging held).
  • Every frame was shot twice – once with a black, once with a blue background.
  • If you give Festool a call, ask to be put on hold and you’ll hear the film music in the background.
















  • Konzept + Produktion: Studio Flox GmbH
  • Regie + Kamera: Florian Haßler
  • Stop Motion: Nicola Herrmann
  • Rigging: Maximilian Zenk
  • Assistenz: Marina Zharova
  • Musik + Sounddesign: Markus Götze
  • VFX: Hartmut Ulmer
  • Colorgrading: Moritz Ripprich, Walking On The Moon
  • Parkettboden: Parkett-Galerie Stuttgart

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