18 reasons why


A whole lot of reasons for an active life.

Our task: Everything in motion.

How do you inspire your employees to lead a more active life? For example, by launching an internal campaign led by a film. With a concept for exactly that in hand, we were approached by fischerAppelt, play to produce a film for one of their (shhh, super secret) clients.
The task: Breathe life into everyday objects. Piece of cake!

Our solution: Reaching into the trick box

Honestly, this is Studio Flox at its best. Ball-beared axles for bike pedals, moving furniture or dancing carrots. Charming animations create the backbone for subtle typography. The outcome: A cheery call for a more active lifestyle. 

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  • Client: Secret client (no, that’s not a company name :D)
  • Agency: fischerAppelt, play
  • Agency producer: Sybille Arnold
  • Agency creatives: Leonid Ryazanskiy, Maximilian Rieck
  • Production company: Studio Flox
  • Directed by: Florian Haßler
  • Producer: Sabrina Fink
  • Production Assistant: Mareika Greiss
  • DP and Stop-Motion Animation: Florian Haßler
  • Rigging: Maximilian Zenk
  • Editing: Florian Haßler
  • Motiondesign, VFX, Grading: Hartmut Ulmer
  • Sound-Design: Christian Heck
  • Narrator: Hans Mittermüller
  • Music: Universal Music Production

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