Project with a global corporation

Time travel for nostalgists

The agency BärTigerWolf prepared a keynote speech for a global industrial corporation that began with an emotional opening video. 

We put together a video that took viewers into the past by means of images and sound. Who still knows how a pager works?

The good old days

In our studio we directed a film that brought old technology to life and triggered a sense of nostalgia – goosebumps guaranteed! We sadly can’t show the final video, but the screenshots and making-of pictures should give you an idea of what was going on. And yes, the old gadgets still work!

What we can say is that the film was received extremely well :)


  • Kunde: Internationaler Konzern
  • Creative Director: Theo Eißler
  • Projektmanagement: Ulrike Schaal
  • Produktionsfirma: Studio Flox
  • Konzept: Maximilian Zenk
  • Regie: Maximilian Zenk
  • DP: Florian Haßler
  • Ausstattung: Nica Herrmann, Thilo Zimmermann
  • Stop Motion: Florian Haßler, Nica Herrmann
  • Kameraassistenz: Boris Eschwey
  • Sounddesign: Markus Götze
  • Musik/Mischung: Markus Götze
  • Produktionsassistenten: Oliver Stahl, Thilo Zimmermann
  • Handmodels: Sophie Ullrich, Sascha Traub
  • 2D Animation: Marc Böttler, BärTigerWolf
  • Schnitt: Sascha Seidel
  • Grading: Florian Haßler
  • Sprecher: 
  • Aufnahme: Dani Schübel, Tonstudio Schübel

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