Books transport you to other worlds.

And with the skoobe mobile library you’ve now got all the books you need at your fingertips.

Exposition: Books are becoming digital

An analogue medium is shifting to digital and not everyone is over the moon about it. The task: How do you get not only the early adopters, but also the average person on the street to read digital books?

Augmentation: An app for book lovers

Our solution in one sentence: Books transport you to other worlds. We translated the magic of books into short scenarios viewers could immerse themselves in. Thanks to the digital library, readers can dive into whichever world they choose.

Retro-moment: Hand-made

An important part of the communication strategy: The method – hand-made. By using real books and materials, the film conveys warmth, charm and therefore a sense of worth, not only with regard to the medium of books, but also with regard to the viewer.

Epilogue: One film, many options

 The film is being used as the main thrust of a marketing campaign. A 20-second edited version was shown in cinemas around Germany and has also featured on youtube as a pre-roll ad.



  • Kunde: skoobe GmbH
  • Agentur & Produktion: Spotentwicklung
  • Konzept: Theo Eißler, Maximilian Zenk
  • Regie: Maximilian Zenk
  • DP: Florian Haßler
  • Ausstattung: Judith Böttiger
  • Stopmotion: Adrian Marhoffer, Moritz Vordermeier
  • Sounddesign: Gerd Böttler
  • Musik/Mischung: Samuel Jersak
  • Produktionsassistenten: Oliver Stähle, Fabian Reinhardt
  • Handmodel: Lisa Müller
  • 2D Animation: Marc Böttler
  • VFX/Compositing: Falk Hofmann
  • Grading: Christoph Heimer
  • Sprecher: Benjamin Völz
  • Aufnahme: Gordon Rijnders

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