ARTHELPS "Morro do Papagaio"

From favela to wardrobe.

Creativity that liberates: With support from Arthelps, children from a Brazilian favela design their own t-shirts. This creates self-confidence – and has paved the way for a college to be established in the favela.

The task: Taking “Parrot Hill” to the world.

Arthelps, Tom Lupo in particular, got off to a great start: He spent two weeks in the favela and designed t-shirts together with the children. The question is, why? What was the project trying to achieve? How did it help the children?

A project like this is complex, so Arthelps needed a film that would explain the background and aims in a short and snappy way, as well as answering other important questions, so as many people as possible would support the project and buy the t-shirts.

The solution: Pedro and his friends.

Simple materials and a load of creativity. That’s all you need to make a big difference. That’s how the t-shirts were made and the same goes for our film. We wanted to give the kids from the favela a face and show why the project is so important for them, as well as show how they benefit from it.

Job done: Two years of education.

The project has been a total success: Profits from t-shirt sales are enough to keep the college in the favela running for a full two years. Admittedly, it was probably the t-shirts themselves that did most of the persuading, but the project is further proof that good design can change the world.

"The feedback was very positive! The film explains the project in a clear and concise way. The look and atmosphere of the film also fitted us perfectly."

Tom Lupo from ARTHELPS



In the studio we had:

  • 2 hens with highly differing personalities.
  • 2 parrots, one of which stubbed its beak (he’s going to be fine).
  • In real life, Pedro’s actually called Gabriel and Gabriel, Pedro.
  • Arthelps has now raised more than €30,000 for the favela.
  • Naturally, the film is available in English and Spanish.
  • Projekt von: ARTHELPS
  • Text: Tassilo Gutscher, ARTHELPS
  • Konzept, Regie und Produktion: Studio Flox
  • DP Favela: Lukas Augustin
  • DP Studio: Florian Haßler
  • Shirt Photographie: Julia Werner
  • Stopmotion: Nica Herrmann, Florian Haßler
  • Motiondesign: Marc Böttler
  • VFX: Hartmut Ulmer
  • Sounddesign: Gerd Böttler
  • Tiertrainerin und Papageienfrau: Diana Sandvoss
  • Huhn zur Verfügung gestellt von: Philipp Galley
  • Danke an Fabian Oswald

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