May we present: Team Flox

We’re a capable team of passionate filmmakers: young, dynamic, motivated and creative. We love clear processes, humour and fresh ideas. We work mostly with our brains but love using our hands. So, let’s get stuck in!



Sabrina Fink

Producer & Marketing

Sabrina is the Bavarian powerhouse at Studio Flox. Thanks to a strong organisational talent she's amazing at everything designers suck at: targets, timings and tallies. She's always in the best of moods, which makes working with her a blast!

One dare say Sabrina keeps the boat afloat. She calculates, calls and coordinates without respite. She constantly drives us forward and makes us known all around. In her free time she's raging on the handball court, loves vegan food and Àpres-Ski. Cheers!

Maximilian Zenk

Company Director, Concept & Direction

Maximilian is the perfectionist of the Flox family. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail counts. He loves storytelling and can’t relax until all the parts fit together seamlessly. He oozes enthusiasm and his passion for wordplay is unrivalled. 

At work, Maximilian creates concepts and animation timing charts, directs the films and handles sound. Outside of work, he grinds his own coffee, cooks carrots sous-vide and watches Woody Allen films for the 100th time.

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PS: Spam isn’t our strong suit, we promise. We focus on what matters.

* Bitte alle Felder ausfüllen


We are thinkers. It takes a lot of thought making things feel light and easy.
We are filmmakers. We fight for inspiring stories and touching emotions. Nothing is indifferent.
We are designers. We carefully create every single frame of our films.
We are makers. The paper-cutting, wood-processing, stopmotion-loving makers of small pieces of art.
We embrace technology. Because innovation is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
We make it real. We build stuff by hand. The magic lies in tiny little imperfections.
We are a team. Because we’re better together! 

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